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Download To-Do Stickies Button Mac v1.4.3 Download To-Do Stickies Button Windows v1.4.3 (self-extracting .exe) To-Do Stickies is a hierarchical To-Do List and Note manager designed to quickly generate to-do lists with notes.  Each item in your to-do list can have children items, and each item has its own note field for more detail about the to-do item.

Don't get stuck spinning your wheels while working on projects and brainstorming new ideas. To-Do Stickies is a tool specially designed to help you plan projects, brainstorm, quickly jot down notes, organize them by topics, and track progress by checking off completed tasks. With To-Do Stickies you can be more organized and productive. Never lose those flashes of inspiration.

To-Do Stickies is FREE to try. The demo has some limitations. You are limited to 3 To-Do Note Windows and 20 items per window until a valid serial number has been entered. Please consider purchasing a license for To-Do Stickies if you find it useful!

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