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Download To-Do Stickies Button Mac v1.4.3 Download To-Do Stickies Button Windows v1.4.3 (self-extracting .exe) To-Do Stickies is a hierarchical To-Do List and Note manager designed to quickly generate to-do lists with notes.  Each item in your to-do list can have children items, and each item has its own note field for more detail about the to-do item.

Don't get stuck spinning your wheels while working on projects and brainstorming new ideas. To-Do Stickies is a tool specially designed to help you plan projects, brainstorm, quickly jot down notes, organize them by topics, and track progress by checking off completed tasks. With To-Do Stickies you can be more organized and productive. Never lose those flashes of inspiration.

To-Do Stickies is FREE to try. The demo has some limitations. You are limited to 3 To-Do Note Windows and 20 items per window until a valid serial number has been entered. Please consider purchasing a license for To-Do Stickies if you find it useful!

To-Do Stickies Features

  • Built for Mac OS X and Windows
    • Universal Version requires Mac OS X 10.4 or better.
  • Windows Version is a self-extracting Archive.
  • Note windows can be automatically opened when you launch the application.
  • Unlimited hierarchal levels for items. (Keep your notes and ideas organized by topic or under parent headings)
  • Every item has its own note field
  • Quickly gather ideas and thoughts without leaving the keyboard with hot-keys that will allow you to keep new ideas flowing.
  • Every item has a "completed" checkbox to help keep track of what you have accomplished
  • Hide completed items from view
  • Show completed items in a drawer (MAC OS X) or separate window.
  • 3 different window types to suit your tastes (MAC OS X) (2 Window Types for Windows and MAC OS 9)
    • Metal Windows (Mac OS X Tiger) (In Mac OS X Panther or higher this window will appear as a dark gray.)
    • Colorized Windows (Custom colors)
    • Normal Windows
  • Print Out your Notes to your Printer.
  • Export your Notes as Plain Text.
  • Import Notes from Plain Text Files.
  • Easy access to all your notes in the "Notes" menu.

Purchase a To-Do Stickies License

To purchase a To-Do Stickies license click on the "Buy Now" button below.
You can pay with any major credit card, by PayPal, or via E-Check*.
You DO NOT need to sign up for a PayPal account if you pay with a credit card.

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* If you pay by E-Check please allow an additional 3-4 days for your check to clear before your serial number arrives.


To-Do Stickies Screenshots


To-Do Stickies Serial Number

Instructions for Mac OS X:

  1. Click on the "To-Do Stickies" application menu.
  2. Click on "Enter Serial Number..."
  3. Enter your Serial Number and Name exactly as they appear in your registration Email.

Instructions for Windows:

  1. Click on the "File" menu.
  2. Click on "Enter Serial Number..."
  3. Enter your Serial Number and Name exactly as they appear in your registration Email.

License Agreement

To-Do Stickies is Shareware.

You can freely distribute copies of To-Do Stickies provided you are not selling or making a profit from the copies that are being distributed.  Copies of To-Do Stickies must include all documentation and files originally distributed with the software from the developers web site.

To-Do Stickies is NOT free. You are provided with a demo of To-Do Stickies that is limited to 3 Notes, and 30 items per note. Other than this limit the Demo period of To-Do Stickies is fully functional. Entering a valid serial number will lift this limit.

You may use your copy of To-Do Stickies in accordance with the registration plan you have chosen. If you have purchased a single user license you may install To-Do Stickies on ONE computer.

To-Do Stickies is provided as is, with no implied or written warranty. The To-Do Stickies developer is not responsible for data loss or other software or hardware problems that may arise from the use of the software.

Using To-Do Stickies constitutes an agreement that you will abide by the above rules and terms. This license is terminated if you do not agree with the above terms or attempt to unlawfully use To-Do Stickies by circumventing the demo limit.