CrystalBallSoft offers comprehensive Identity and Brand Management services to compliment or improve your current brand through a variety of media applications.

Need a new logo?

A corporate identity / logo is one of the most important components to your continued success as a company. It is the gateway by which all your potential clients will perceive your company. Therefore it is important that your corporate image reflects the professional brand you wish to convey. It should reflect your business goals and values.

Does your logo impress?

First impressions are important. A coordinated marketing campaign or consistent image evokes a response in your customers and clients. To ensure a positive reaction your logo should be instantly recognizable, unique and ownable.

Does your brand evoke the image you wish to convey about your corporate strategy, quality and commitment?

Mind Share

A successful brand will trademark your goals and objectives in the minds of your customers. Establishing mind share, consumer awareness or popularity is imperative to continue the grow your company. An important component of building mind share is a successful branding and corporate image. A new or refreshed brand that establishes a consistent image can help increase mind share.

Brand Mangement Services

Consistent usage of your brand identity is critical. Inconsistent usage of your brand can cause confusion among customers or clients. We offer services to help maintain a consistent look and increase brand awareness of your company through a variety of applications:

  • Logo Design / Redesign
  • Branding Guidelines / Style Guides
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead / Envelope Design
  • Corporate Signage
  • Service Mark / Tagline Integration
  • Marketing / Promotional Materials