CrystalBall Features

Generate ANY character class:

Use the Custom Character Class Creator to enter classes from other sources or create your own class on the fly.
The following Class files are included as standard class files:

• Adept
• Aristocrat
• Arcane Archer
• Assassin
• Barbarian
• Bard
• Blackguard
• Cleric
• Commoner
• Druid
• Dwarven Defender
• Expert
• Fighter
• Loremaster
• Monk
• Paladin
• Ranger
• Rogue
• Shadowdancer
• Sorcerer
• Warrior
• Wizard
• Egoist Psion
• Nomad Psion
• Psychic Warrior
• Savant Psion
• Seer Psion
• Shaper Psion
• Telepath Psion
• Metamind
• Pyrokineticist
• Slayer
• SoulKnife

Generate any type of Monster:

Based on Monster Types from the d20 Modern SRD. (Elemental, Outsider, Dragons, Constructs, etc.)
Now you can create you own horrors to sick on your Players!
Generate your own Creatures from Aberrations to Vermin from Diminutive to Colossal!

Multiclass Characters:

Make sure you know the rules for multiclass characters.
I did not restrict any multiclass possibilities. You can multiclass between Monster Classes and any Character Classes.

Print Out Character Records:

Print out any character from within CrystalBall on a standard character sheet. (Thank You Raging Epistaxis for such a great printing function!)

Stat Block Text File Output

Export your NPCs and Monsters in a Stat Block format for printing or whatever. Print the Stat Block from the Stat Block window. Choose from differnt Stat Block styles


Create Custom Races:

Create your own races with the powerful custom race tools.
Races can be based off any Creature Class, and can be any size.
Include Bonus Starting Hit points, Special Abilities, Proficiencies, and Random Special Powers
You should be able to create any type of template Race on which to build a Character Class. (Template Creator coming soon!)

Create Custom Creature Classes:

Create your own custom creature classes that you can use to make your own monsters with, or base New Custom Races off.

Create Custom Character Classes:

Quickly create custom prestige and standard class files.
Enable and disable class files you wish to use, and those you don't.

Custom Skills:

Add to or Delete skills from the standard skill list.

Game Tools and Utilities

Dice Roller:

Roll multiple dice by typing in the roll on the dice window. i.e.: 3d6, 12d6 etc...
14 custom dice buttons are provided for the user to set with any type of roll.
The standard set of RPG dice are also provided (4,6,8,10,12,20,100)

Generate Random Treasure based on Encounter Level.

Generate up to 20 EL of treasure.
Generate Random Magic Items
Includes Intelligent Items and Cursed Items from DMG.

Manage Campaign Details:

Such as Experience awarded to Player Characters, (Calculates the Party average.)
Treasure Awarded to Player Characters. (Calculates the Party average... Know how much stuff you have given to your players.)
Keep track of each Player's Character hit points.
Campaign Notes

Combat Manager:

Keep track of combat statistics for ANY number of characters. Integrated initiative list and event tracker ensures the DM can keep track of even the largest battles.

  • Initiative List:

    Add any number of characters to the Initiative list. All characters currently displayed in the manager can be added to the Initiative list with one button. (Initiative is also rolled for those characters. Duplicate characters are not added to the Initiative list.) Player character names can be added from an existing campaign file. Campaign file names and locations are stored for easy access after being added the first time. When it is a characters turn in initiative that character is automatically displayed for the DM.
  • Add/Delete Characters in the Manager:

    Characters can be added to the manager directly from disk or from CrystalBall (if the character is already open.) (Characters saved with version 3.0.8 or later can be added to the combat manager from disk.) With just the press of a button you can open characters in CrystalBall that have been added to the Combat Manager from disk for a more detailed view of the Character Record. Characters can be deleted from the manager and initiative list at the same time.
  • View Options:

    View characters in the manager in groups of four, in one complete list, or individually with greater detail. Deal damage or healing to multiple characters at once. Roll saving throws for multiple characters at once.
  • Event Tracker:

    Add any number of events that can count down or up. When an event expires (count down events only) the DM is notified and the event can be removed.

Random Name Generator

Generate a million and one random names from many different name categories or types. Never be without a name for NPCs or places again.