License Agreement

CrystalBall Lite is Shareware.

You can freely distribute copies of CrystalBall Lite provided you are not selling or making a profit from the copies that are being distributed. Copies of CrystalBall Lite must include all documentation and files originally distributed with the software from the developers web site.

CrystalBall Lite is NOT free. You are provided with a demo of CrystalBall Lite that is limited to 3 Notes and you will be reminded to register every 20 rolls. Entering a valid serial number will lift this limit.

You may use your copy of CrystalBall Lite in accordance with the registration plan you have chosen. If you have purchased a single user license you may use your activated copy of CrystalBall Lite on ONE computer at a time. If you have purchased a group license you may use your serial number on up to 5 computers at a time.

CrystalBall Lite is provided as is, with no implied or written warranty. The CrystalBall Lite developer is not responsible for data loss or other software or hardware problems that may arise from the use of the software.

Using CrystalBall Lite constitutes an agreement that you will abide by the above rules and terms. This license is terminated if you do not agree with the above terms or attempt to use CrystalBall Lite by circumventing the demo limit.