CrystalBall Lite Features

Powerful Dice Roller Engine

  • [NEW!] Treasure Tracker: Keep track of treasure and treasure splits with this new handy tool.
  • Send Dice rolls over the internet/network to other CBlite users!
  • Quick and user friendly dice rolling syntax
  • Roll any number of dice with any number of sides
  • Roll sets of dice
  • Drop the lowest rolls or sets
  • Use math in your dice rolls (+ - * / ^ %)
  • Force rolls to roll LESS THAN or GREATER THAN a certain number
  • Use Conditionals! (IF...THEN...ELSE...END to control rolling.
  • Play Sounds when rolling dice!
  • Add comment text to dice rolls.
  • Combine all these features for the best dice roller EVER!
  • Dice roll result organized and color coded for easy reading.
  • Example: 7[4[1d6>1]~1]~1
    • Rolls 7 Sets of 4 sets of 1d6, rerolling anything less than 2, dropping the lowest of the 4, and dropping to lowest of the 7.
  • Example: 4[7[4d6~1]~1]~3
    • Rolls 4 sets of 7 sets of 4d6, dropping the lowest d6 from 4d6, dropping the lowest from 4d6, dropping the three lowest of 7[4d6].  This would provide character stats for a high-powered campaign.
  • New Dice Roller Window with customizable buttons and the standard RPG dice.
  • Customizable Dice Buttons with different colors and styles including the following styles:
    • 4 Standard Buttons
    • Display Button
    • Custom Picture Button
    • Counter Button
  • Drag and Drop Buttons around for easy organization.

Script Editor and Scripting

The Script Editor makes it easy to edit Scripts within CBLite. CBLite has Scripting for total customization of your CBLite dice rolls and beyond.

There are 3 types of scripts that you can make:

  • Rolling Scripts that are run during your dice rolls
  • General Scripts that are run from a menu
  • Event Scripts that are automatically run during button events

The Script Editor has the following features:

  • Autocomplete of RBscript and built in CrystalBall functions
  • Text coloring and highlighting for easier coding
  • Auto indent for easier readability
  • Error checker for finding errors fast
  • And more.

CB - Chat

  • Chat with other CBLite users.
  • Send Dice rolls over the internet/network.
  • Perfect for gaming sessions with far-flung friends!
  • Send text and rolls privately to selected players or publicly to everyone.
  • Players with GM status get special priveleges for forcing rolls and allowing others to become GMs.
  • Color coded names so that messages are easily distinguished by the sender.

Note Taking

  • Perfect for taking character and campaign notes during game play
  • Hierarchal note items to keep things organized
  • Search your notes for keywords
  • Take notes using standard styled text: Bold, Underline, Italic, Colors, Fonts, and Text Size
  • Check off Note Items