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Download To-Do Stickies Button Mac v3.4 Download To-Do Stickies Button Windows v3.4 (self-extracting .exe) CrystalBall Lite is an indispensable tool for Table-Top Role Playing Games (RPGs) for both Players and the Game Master. CBLite makes keeping track of character rolls a snap. Dice Buttons are easy to setup and have unlimited customization! CBlite's dice rolling window and dice rolling engine is so versatile it will fit into any gaming system. CBLite will speed up your game and take the time away from adding dice and modifier so that you can concentrate on the story and the strategy of the game.

Gaming with friends in different locations and showing everyone's dice rolls is easy with CBLite's Chat and Console window. The Game Master can send private message to members of the CBLite Chat and also request players to roll certain dice at will. CBlite has a very useful notes feature for taking hierarchical notes during gaming sessions to help keep the players and GM organized.

Give CrystalBall a Try! You won't be able to game again without it!

CBLite is FREE to try. The demo has some limitations. You are limited to 3 Note Windows and there a limited number of Dice Buttons allowed until a valid serial number has been entered. Please consider purchasing a license for CBLite if you find it useful! We also offer discount pricing when you purchase a license for your whole gaming group. (Click on the "Purchase" link to the left for more information.)

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